Encourages and incents employees throughout the organization to become motivated advocates for the bank’s products and services. Rewards are tied to revenues and profitability and not to activities. The employees win when the bank wins.


PipelineTrac helps employees and management track business opportunities from the moment a lead is identified until the sale is final.


PerformanceDelta provides managers with the tools they need to communicate expectations, measure results and work with employees to plan for success.


PerformanceDelta’s ProspectTrac provides an easy way for uploading lists of customers or prospects, assigning each to an appropriate banker and tracking efforts to identify opportunities to add or expand relationships.


Would you like to know why your customers chose your organization? Are your employees satisfied with the feedback they receive? Do your internal departments provide a level of customer service expected by their customers, other bank employees? Do you need to assess the Board of Directors? PerformanceDelta has a wide range of surveys available. Surveys can be customized to meet specific needs and can be web based, by mail or by phone.

Performance Fantasy League

Performance Fantasy League gives organizations a way to introduce fun to the work day. With PFL, employees will compete in a fun and productive way with the objective of achieving their goals. With PFL, your organization will have all of the tools needed to motivate employees. Player drafts, player profiles, statistics and results, and message boards to allow teammembers to offer encouragement to each other and maybe do a little smack talkin’ with the competition!

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Having the right tools is only part of the solution. Knowing how to use them effectively is what ensures success. Several times each year, we visit our clients to share best practices. We also analyze program usage and results and identify opportunities to improve or reach the next level. We are not a software company and don’t sell software. We utilize software to help our clients achieve their objectives today and tomorrow. How can we help you?